We are raising the bar in women's healthcare

Increasingly, the menstrual cycle is recognized as a “fifth vital sign.”

We see amazing things happen when women understand their bodies and fertility. They become better advocates of their own health. Menstrual and fertility cycles often come and go unnoticed, but increasingly, the menstrual cycle is recognized as a “fifth vital sign” which provides important clues about a woman’s underlying health or disease.

To enable women to learn more about this, we connect them with instructors that teach the Creighton Model, a standardized method of observing the natural changes occurring throughout a woman’s cycle.

Originally developed as an effective natural method for achieving and avoiding pregnancy, it has become an essential tool for assessing overall health, and also for reproductive health evaluation. 

We love this method for many reasons, but here are just a few:


  • Completely natural – no artificial chemicals or devices
  • Cooperates with a woman’s natural cycle
  • Proven effectiveness to achieve or avoid pregnancy
  • Works with all cycle types: regular, irregular, long cycles, breastfeeding, peri-menopause and infertility
  • Easy to learn
  • Private, individualized instruction
  • Improves marital communication
  • Aids in timing of diagnostic tests and treatment

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