Healthcare, Healed.

We're adding common sense back to healthcare - and keeping it affordable.

Women's Health

We offer comprehensive care for women of all ages, including prenatal care and specialized reproductive and fertility care.

Live Life Abundantly

We offer compassionate care for the whole person.

Dignitas (n. dig-na-tas - L. Dignity) is founded on the principle that all persons have inherent value and immeasurable worth.  We are a non-profit medical practice coming soon to Richmond to offer compassionate healthcare for the whole person — the whole family — to live life more abundantly.

Healthcare that cares.

We’re cutting out the inefficiency and expense that comes from dealing with insurance (oh, the stories we could tell!).
We’re getting rid of the rushed, seven minute national-average office visit, and the automated phone tree from you-know-where along with it.
Dollars spent smarter is our mantra, and the reason that, as a non-profit, we can make healthcare affordable again.

All of the services in our office are included in the cost of membership — no surprises, no co-pays. Just healthcare, simplified.

Dignitas Health

2004 Bremo Road Suite 100, Richmond, Virginia 23226

Located on the lower level of the Richmond Medical Park 1/2 mile north of St. Mary’s Hospital

804-442-7794  |

Dignitas Health

Dignitas Health is a non-profit organization with pending tax exemption status under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service. Donations made online are currently tax-deductible through our sister charity 501(c)3 organization, FertilityCare Center of Charlottesville.